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Strapping a watch on is something many of us enjoy doing. And what better way to enjoy wearing a timepiece than with a fine, designer timepiece from Qatar? Qatar is one of the world's finest shopping destinations, and among the items available for purchase in the Emirate, in a wide variety, are the wrist watches. These are sourced from the best watch makers globally and come in a huge variety in style, design, size, function, and material. If you already know the watch model you would like to buy, you only need to walk into a watch store in Qatar to find it. If you can't seem to choose between two or more watches, seeing the timepieces and comparing them side by side may help you make a decision on the watch to settle for. For novices who don't know much about wrist watches but are nonetheless interested in owning one, you'll easily identify the kind of watch that suits you best when you see what's in store.

Luxury watches are on the must-have lists of many men and women. They are the cream of the watch world and are what you'll constantly see celebrities and world leaders wearing. While the majority of fine and luxury watches are expensive, they are worth every cent of their high price. These are watches that come with a lifetime warranty in most cases, and a manufacturer's certificate of authenticity. With this certificate, you'll be able to take your luxury watch to any authorized service center for the brand anywhere in the world for servicing and any other assistance you may require. Moreover, these are watches with the potential to last for centuries. Indeed, many of the watches are handed down generations without ever losing their touch. Top luxury watch brands you can buy in Qatar are Breitling, Tag Heuer, A. Lange & Sohne, IWC, Cartier, Ulysse Nardin, Breguet, Omega, Blancpain, Longines, Piaget, Montblanc, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin, Zenith, Hublot, Girrard Perregaux, Rolex, Frederique Constant, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Victorionox, and Swiss Army. The best of luxury watches for men cost approximately 20,000 QAR or more.

When a luxury watch is not an option for you, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives that you can go for. With less than 300 QAR, you can get a good quality watch from a number of leading watch brands. Many of these top names offer these affordable watches in addition to their trademark premium watches as a way of widening the reach of their products. There are lots of affordable watch models that you can consider buying. The prices of these watches vary based on how many functions and built-in tools the watch has. If all you want is a basic timepiece with a time telling function, the watch will cost a lot less than one with multiple functions. Multi-functional watches are available in an equally wide variety. Their wide price range makes it possible to find a timepiece that is within your budget. Most of these watches are used for sports related activities and support barometer readings, measure altitude, heart rate, and other measurements.

Other than the difference in types as released by manufacturers, watches are categorized into two broad classes: men's, women's and kid's. Men's selection almost always have a big, masculine structure. There are exceptions of course, as not every male enjoys wearing a watch with a large structure. Women's collection, on the other hand, are infinitely tinier and more feminine, with softer designs and shapes. Just like with men's watches, there are exceptions made for the ladies who prefer wearing a big watch in the form of larger pieces with big faces. Whatever your preferred style and design, you can be sure of finding an appropriate watch to go with it. Both men's and women's timepieces are made in numerous materials, from rarer and expensive metals like platinum, gold, silver and diamond to titanium, stainless steel, leather and fabric. Some watches have a plain face while others are encrusted with precious stones. As you would expect, the latter have a higher price tag because of the additional gems used, but their acquired beauty and brilliance is worth the extra money.

Everyday wrist watches do not have many whistles and bells. On average, they have little else going on on the surface other than a well illuminated dial and hands. These are watches that are very comfortable to wear, and can be used Monday to Monday. Occasional watches are more elaborate and come in more explicit designs. They tend to stand out more and are best used for special events and occasions. There is no limit to the number of timepieces you can have. Buy one or two functional pieces that you can wear to work everyday, a sport watch or two for when you want to get sporty, a fine watch that can complement your formal outfits, and a rare, vintage classic or several that you can show off to anyone who cares to indulge you on your love for watches. Some people like to have a familiar look on all their watches. Others prefer to have a different, unique look on each watch. Whatever your style, Qatar gives you plenty of options to select from.

Shop for the watch of your dreams in Qatar's vast watch market, where thousands of watches from around the world are showcased each day. From formal to sports, smartwatches, Swiss watches, luxury and antique, there is a timepiece for every occasion. The watches come in a variety of materials, from the finest gold and diamond to exquisite platinum, polished titanium, chrome and durable leather. Watch varieties for both men and women are readily available, with a good percentage of unisex watches also stocked for individuals who would rather buy a watch that is neither openly masculine nor feminine. Budget will not be a hindrance when shopping for a watch in the emirate. Watch dealers in the region make it their mission to avail watches in varying price ranges so that everyone finds a watch, no matter what their budget is.
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